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Verizon Wireless wants to sell your personally identifiable data: here’s how you can stop this

One more reason I will probably drop Verizon in a few months, when my contract is up. Verizon is now requiring it’s customers to » Opt Out in order to have your personal data not be sold! They claim that … Continue reading

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The Next Bioweapon: Chili!

I’m not the type of person that likes spicy foods. Not in the least. However, I’d never consider that chilli sparks terror fear. Sure, it’s hot, spicy, and smells strange. Particularly when burnt. But really? a terror weapon? Just give them … Continue reading

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Aurigid Meteor shower

First picture of the Aurigid meteor shower, a whole day early! Chumack1_lab.jpg 800×600 pixels I’m heading out to the desert early this upcoming morning, and will be back in town around 7 am I think. Early to bed, early to rise…..  [update 8:10pm]Saw many … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning’s Lunar Eclipse

Monday night is the second lunar eclipse of the year, and this is one that we can see on the west coast. According to, the eclipse will best viewed starting at about 2am PDT, and the totality will end about … Continue reading

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Maui High falls to California team in preseason game

The Los Angeles Unified School District thought it was a good idea to send a few high school students to Hawaii on vacation. The football team from the relatively new South East High School was sent over, and were invited to … Continue reading

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Your Papers, Please.

The Federal Government may start requiring passports for domestic airfares, and to visit Federal areas, like National Parks. Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns – At a time when American travellers to Europe can’t get a passport stamped when traveling inside the European … Continue reading

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Coffee Overdose

First time I’ve heard a Girl overdoses on espresso coffee though, I’ve known a few people I would suspect of that happening to. Josh, I’m looking at you. You and your thermos of coffee each day before school. Coffee and nothing else all day long.

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A little rain!

It’s raining! It’s…. not pouring. Just a quick little drizzle from a cloud. Almost a thunderstorm, but no lightening, no thunder. It has the right smell though, but that’s also just the water evaporating off of hot concrete.  I think this … Continue reading

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He was arrested for holding a sign?

If there’s a protest in your town, and you decide to go and make fun of it, what’s the worst that can happen to you? Thisguy got arrested. For intending to “Alarm or Annoy the public”. Huh? He’s just holding … Continue reading

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Well, at least my day isn’t that bad usually

Warning, this story is not safe for anyone who is squirmish. Croc bites hand off of Vet At least I’ve never had a bad day at work like that. Pictures of the crocodile with the hand are below this link…. … Continue reading

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