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Items regarding my family members, the DeWitt and Runing clans. And various offshoots from those.

Kettle Korn

This stuff will be the death of me probably… far too tasty. On the other hand, it’s good to have while refreshing Pappa Bradstein’s page as he blogs about the birth of Baby Boy Bradstein (3B)

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Lava Falls- Ed’s Zodiac by Tony

Here is a movie of Ed piloting a Zodiac through Lava Falls, taken by Tony from the Big Boat

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Coppermine Photo Gallery – Ed’s Photos

Here are my brother Ed’s Photos from the Grand Canyon Raft Trip last month. I assume he shot most of the pictures, as they all came off of his camera.

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early to rise

Crap. The raft got in 12 hours early. Nothing is wrong, except I’m not there. So I’m on my way north with a trailer, and will get in around 2 am or so. Gary’s heading up with me, so he’ll … Continue reading

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Alone again, alone again, jiggity jig.

I’m back in South Gate. For the first time in a week, I’m spending more than an hour alone and apart from anyone else. The radio is going strong (KROQ), half of my dirty dishes are cleaned, and my cupboard … Continue reading

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Jury Duty and Raft Trips

I got my jury duty delayed till after the raft trip! woo-hoo! Looks like my mom’s sister and one of her daughters will be coming on the raft trip… That’ll be a much different vacation than their summer in Rome … Continue reading

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My dad in the news….

Well, my dad is quoted in the newspaper again newspaper again. Not much there, but I thought some people out there might like to know. Personally, I really dislike the idea of the Mayor of LA taking over LAUSD. I’m … Continue reading

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ok, up early of course. Except, it was at 3:30 cause I woke up. A little bit of sleep later, I’m up again at 5:40 I started training my replacement. We’ll see how he does. Went home, had a nice … Continue reading

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past few days

Ok, quick run down in the Life of Bill. Friday I dropped off the Scouts up at the Firestone Scout reservation in City of Industry. I picked them up on Sunday. They won first place in gateway, and second in … Continue reading

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labor day fun

Not much labor for me today. Helped Ed on the Blue Boat. He’s almost got the entire engine back together. I really should of helped more, but he’s got it more than under control Then we went up to Sally’s … Continue reading

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