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Dee Plane Boss, Dee Plane!

Airbus landed their new A380 at LAX yesterday, with gray cloudy skies and almost no passengers, about 15 minutes after a full plane landed in New York. I was able to take a few minutes off of work, and stand … Continue reading

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Moon Rise and other night time shots

Moon Rise over the White Mountains. A little bit of orange/red can still be seen from the eclipse the night before. Maybe. Maybe it’s just the atmosphere. I used a bit of fill flash to lighten up the surroundings. A … Continue reading

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Night time in Mammoth

I’ve been playing around with long exposure times on my camera. I took these two last night. Unfortunately, this shot of Mt. Lincoln is a bit unfocused. The road and surrounding snow is in focus, but the mountain it self … Continue reading

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What color green am I?

You Are Mint Green Balanced and calm, you have mastered the philosophy of living well. Your friends seek you out for support, and you are able to bring stability to chaotic situations. You’re very open and cheerful – and you … Continue reading

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A new way to deal with snow!

There comes a time when you realize the future is upon us. Now, with the Japanese inventing a robot that eats snow. I don’t think it’ll work to well on a mountain road, but at least it’s cool looking. An … Continue reading

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24 hour pizza delivery

In the spirit of the TV show 24, what happens when you have to deliver pizza?

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And my dominant thinking style is….

Your Dominant Thinking Style: Modifying Super logical and rational, you consider every fact available to you. You don’t make rash decisions and are rarely moved by emotion. You prefer what’s known and proven – to the new and untested. You … Continue reading

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Decorate my apartment!

I need some help. I bought a large picture screen divider, though I got it much cheaper at Aaron Brothers. It can hold 15 8x10s, in a portrait form. Now, I just need to fill it! I’ve gone through my … Continue reading

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Six Frigates

I finished this afternoon Six Frigates: The Epic History of the Dounding of the U.S. Navy by Ian W. Toll, a first time author. Looking at the cover, I thought “probably a dry read, but interesting”. I was half right, … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.1 Ella

I’m in the process of upgrading this site to Development Blog ›WordPress 2.1 Ella. Hopefully it goes smoothly, if it doesn’t, you won’t know, because you won’t see this post!

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