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I finally found someone to go with me to the free showing of Cloverfield last night, at the Grove. I didn’t know it, but KROQ 106.7FM was hosting the screening. Young showed up at 6:30, half an hour late due … Continue reading

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24 hour pizza delivery

In the spirit of the TV show 24, what happens when you have to deliver pizza?

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Brokeback to the Future

Brokeback to the Future That was just amazing…..

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I just want to say that I enjoyed the hell out of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. Probably worth seeing again, for full price even.

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Batman Begins

I’m just too hyped up after seeing this movie. Not perfect, but so much fun. Got most things right, and what it didn’t get right, still worked wonderfully. Now, i try to get myself to sleep. No nightmares, no bats, … Continue reading

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Past week, and this evening

I know, I’ve been quiet this week. Actually, one full week. Last Saturday, I drove out to Brea to take care of some Troop banking business. Quite unsatisfactory. Then there was the full busyness of the work week. Had Sherman, … Continue reading

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Comic Book Resources – CBR News – The Comic Reel

Comic Book Resources – CBR News – The Comic Reel KEANU: Trilogy, why stop there? We could have “Son of Constantine.” And I’ll play him too. CGI. No, but it’s a character just as how it exists in the graphic … Continue reading

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late rambelings

Last night I went down to Newport, saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for free. Fun movie. A few small plot holes, but still fun. Just nice popcorn eating waste of time. But I didn’t have popcorn as … Continue reading

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Movie News

Team Americia A brand new trailer. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. It just looks great. Matt and Trey can do wrong, but even their wrong is very funny and sometimes quite right.

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Saw Collateral tonight. Fun movie. I played the game of placing the scenery, seeing if I had been on that offramp or not. Probably yes to most, but some no. We’re still on for this weekend at Catalina. Saturday morning, … Continue reading

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