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Bad guys wear green bow ties

Anybody in a green bow tie is a bad guy Ah, Question, how fun you are to have around He can see you. From the upcoming DC Comics series 52

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

On reading Crisis on Infinite Earths Continue reading

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New Comic Wednesday

It’s new comic Wednesday. Books come out on Mondays, CDs and DVDs on Tuesdays. Movies on Fridays. Comic books on Wednesdays! There was a lot of hype this week about “nothing will be the same” “shocking events for the next … Continue reading

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Which Marvel character am I?

Ok this surprised me a bit. Now I just need to see which DC character I am…

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Dinner, work and eating habits

Not too long a day at work today. Turns out the fire I got into yesterday only has my pot bubbling, not steaming like I thought it would be. Still not my best moments, but in this case, it’s all … Continue reading

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Spider-Man’s greatest Bible stories!

The Portland Mercuryr: Feature (05/02/02) How Spider-Man would of affected events in the bible… I’m just cracking up at that. And the ending is very 80s.

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Comic understatement of the week.

Every so often, I come across a line that is just a huge understatement. Happened again tonight, reading Batman issue 637. In this issue Batman and Nightwing fight a prototype of the Amazo Android, that was going to be sold … Continue reading

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Orson Scott Card, Ultimate Iron Man, and controversy

So I get an email yesterday from my comic book store, about the usual months worth of comics coming out. And Gail decides to add in a disclaimer: A serious note:  Orson Scott Card, famous sci-fi writer, is taking on … Continue reading

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Animal Man

I’m almost done reading the entire comic book series Animal Man. It was written by Grant Morrison back in the early 90s, before he really hit it big with JLA. Simply put, Buddy Buckly can take on the powers or … Continue reading

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Free Comic Book Day

Today’s free comic book day. Sorry for the lack of notice, but I forgot. The store I go to was giving away 5 free comic books to nonmembers, but as I member I got to take one of all the … Continue reading

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