Obit: The man who created Lake Powell

кухненско обзавежданеFloyd Dominy, who was director of the Bureau of Reclamation for 1959 to 1969, passed away at the age of 100.

The timing is interesting to me, as I’m half way through the book Dead Pool, and just finished the section on the creation of Lake Powell, ending with Dominy being forced from office.

Dominy has been remembered mostly as a villain for damming Glen Canyon and creating Lake Powell, but there can be no doubt that the jewel he created has been visited and enjoyed by many people, myself included. Without Dominy, most of those visitors probably would never of heard of Glen Canyon, nor visited that remote part of the country. For sure, many people would never visit Rainbow Bridge, which is either a 4 day hike across the Navajo Indian Reservation or an hour boat ride across Lake Powell.

While Glen Canyon was a prize without compare, a rolling gentle  paradise compared to the rough and wild  Grand Canyon to the south, far fewer people had visited, or even heard of it. Now, thanks to Dominy, far more people have enjoyed it, even half filled with water, than would of seen it in the natural state.

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