Any news is good news?

With the idea that if you’re being talked about, even in a bad way, it’s good for you, a former legislator from South Dakota says he has copyrighted his name. From jail. So anyone writing an article about him will owe $500,000. More than a little ridiculous of course, since merely writing a news story about someone or something is not copyright or trademark infringement.

Source: New York Times

Ex-Lawmaker Convicted of Rape – Name Is Copyrighted –

I’m torn. Do I try to abuse his name, and not pay the “fee”, or do I refuse to give him publicity? I usually side on not giving publicity or attention to those who are looking for it, but then I feel as if I’m being pressured into not using his name. Still, the guy is a convicted felon.

Ted Alvin Klaudt is the guys name. Sosumi

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