Lots of fire trucks!

I’m driving home, about 9:10pm. I come over the Firestone bridge at the 710, and I smell a little smoke. I see a Firetruck racing up behind me as I approach Atlantic, and I pull over. He’s slowing down, but still with lights and sirens. There’s two more in the middle of the street ahead, roughly where the Fu-Lyons building is. They’re not doing anything, just sitting there with lights a flashing. We can drive along side them there, and I see another fire engine down inside the Fu-Lyons alleyway (it’s long, about a 1000 feet or so). Ok, I think they got the fire out.

So what are 3 more fire trucks doing a 1/4 mile ahead? Traffic becomes really congested, and the smell in the air is a little stronger. I can’t make out what it is, but it’s not a car nor a building. The fire trucks are in front of the Sealy Mattress company, and in front of Daly Saw. I shoot down an alley to get around, park my truck in the driveway, and run down to the corner. I’m afraid a building on Mason street is on fire or something. Nope, a 2 car accident at the corner of my street and Firestone. DUI, and it looks like the truck that was rear ended moved 100 or more feet through the intersection till he stopped in Sealy’s front lawn. The guy in the truck is in the hospital, the driver who hit him was arrested.

This is all tragic, but where’s that smokey smell coming from? Turns out, at the same time as these previous two incidents, there was a brush fire up on the railroad tracks a mile away.

Hopefully the rest of the week is less eventful!

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