The stars do come out



I recently read that the in the continental United States, farthest one can get from a road is about 20 miles. (I’ll fact check later today about it). In California, it can be very difficult to see any stars, so much so that many people grow up with out seeing the Milky Way at all!


While I was at Lake Powell, I was able to capture these images:



Milky Way and Reflections on the Lake




Milky Way

Both were taken a few minutes apart. Now compare the first one with a few hours later:



Sunrise over the Lake and Canyon


As the sun was thinking of coming up. There was nearly a full moon that night, however, it was blocked by the canyon walls. Every other night, we had a great view of the moon, but could see very few stars. Funny thing is, the night I shot these photos there was a meteor shower, and I could see a few individual meteors, but I still didn’t capture a single image of one!

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