Lake Powell Panoramas


At Lake Powell, I decided to experiment with several panoramic photos. Here are a select few:



Wahweap Marina Panorama

Wahweap Marina on the afternoon we arrived. A decent sized thunderstorm had just passed us by, leaving the rainbow in the middle center of the photo in the distance.




San Juan River Panorama


San Juan River with the Rising Moon.


Hole in the Rock Panorama (cropped)



Hole in the Rock, looking east and South over Lake Powell and Colorado Plateau



San Juan River Panorama



I’m less happy with this shot of the San Juan River. I climbed up on top of one layer of rock, about 100 feet above the level of the lake. In the time it took to take all the individual sections, the clouds moved a lot, and I have some obvious blending issues with the sky. But you get a great view of the cut off in the gooseneck that we water skied through.

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