Sunnier Day in Mammoth

I had thought of going up to Mammoth again this weekend, but for a variety of reasons, including the expected crowds for MLK weekend, I’ve decided against it. Instead, I shall show you more pictures form last weekend, Sunday for the most part. It was very sunny, not a cloud in the sky, but there was some wind blowing from the bottom of the mountain towards the top (north to south), and lifting right over the top of the mountain pretty dramatically. [image:4345:l] Looking due north at Justin, at Canyon Lodge at the beginning of the day. [image:4352:l]

William and Zabeth at Chair 3, under the Gondola.


From Chair 23, I could see many good skiers coming down the mountain.


Here, you can see the wind blowing over the mountain, and skiers down the easy side. [image:4366:c]

Another from the top of the mountain


Ed and William raced down to the main Lodge, while Zabeth had a more relaxed speed.


Zabeth likes to make gestures at the camera. I’m pretty pleased with this photo on many technical levels as well.


End of the day group shots. Monica stepped out to take the last picture, one of the few that day that I was in.

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