Sunny day (and a half) in Mammoth

Mammoth this weekend was cloudy with a light dusting of snow (about 2 minutes worth) Saturday morning, then clearing up in the afternoon. Sunday had not a cloud in the sky, and you’d certainly want a lot of sun screen! Ed and I arrived about 6pm, and spent half an hour shoveling out a walk way to the porch and house. We had about four feet of snow on the porch, but it was mostly light and dry, and either squished down nicely when stepped on, or wasn’t too heavy. Justin and his coworker showed up about 9, and then William and Zabeth were sometime after midnight. We were able to get some good skiing in both days. Here’s William and Zabeth on Chair 12. I like shooting this shot, of people on the chairlift, with the Minarets in the back ground.


I think I need to get myself up higher though, and zoom in a bit tighter to make the shot really look good. While I was up on the mountain, my friend Dane called me up, and said he was on June Mountain, wondering if I was in Mammoth. A very small world, right? He comes over, and we watch the snowmobile demo going on at Canyon Lodge


The snowmobiles were demonstrating their X-Game type skills.


Since it was not a holiday weekend, and tourist traffic is light, Mammoth had to do something to keep people booking hotel rooms and ski lift tickets.


It was a clear and chilly night! Wish I had my faster lens with me, but these still came out pretty good. More pics and story to come soon!

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