Moon over the mountain

I like this photo of the moon over Mammoth Mountain, but I wish I had been able to bring the white of moon out more. It’d certainly be easier if the moon was fuller, but I didn’t get that chance.

My dad and the Annoying Cousin at Mammoth mountain, on Chair 14

Elizabeth likes this photo of the McCoy Station behind her, taken from below Chair 3

Earlier, we traversed from Chair 5 to Chair 3. I skied the entire way, but snowboarders had to stop and unstrap to walk

And to top it all off, all dogs like to be inside, instead of out in the cold

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2 Responses to Moon over the mountain

  1. I like the photo; i’m just not sure i’m enamored with the crop.

  2. Bill says:

    Something funny, the moon over the mountain shot is uncropped!

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