End of summer

Summer is at an end. I thought for sure we’d have an Indian Summer this fall, but just before fall begins, a winter storm is primed to hit Los Angeles. It won’t be as big as the news said yesterday, mainly because the rain that was supposed to happen this afternoon has been held off till tomorrow morning. I’m sure it will fall, but just not the 1/2 to 1 inch they predicted.  

It’s a fitting time. The Dodgers have blown their last 5 games, going from 1.5 back of the wild card to being 1 whole game away from elimination. Not a good place to be with 10 games left to play. It’s frustrating for the fans, the players, and even for radio announcers. One thing that always impressed me about the Dodger announcers, is that they are impartial. They are calling a ball game, not a Dodger Game. That’s what makes Vin Scully one of the greatest announcers ever, that he could call a ball game for any team playing, and his love of the game would still shine through. Well, it’s time for Fall and Winter to begin, and we can hope for an early snow season. If I couldn’t get away on vacation in summer, at least I should be able to in winter, right? 

[update] Oh, it’s morning and it still isn’t raining. It’s just sitting off shore, flooding the ocean.

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