300 fps CMOS based camera

Casio is developing a 300 fps CMOS based camera. 300 frames per second in VGA/ TV size quantities, and 30fps at 6 MP!  Not for sale yet, just in the development/show off stage, but wow.  Talk about blowing away current high definition TV.  1080 P HDTV is about 2 MP, this would be about 1.7 times bigger or more dense, depending on your screen resolution. ( Monitor and camera resolutions don’t scale like you’d expect. 4 MP isn’t twice the resolution of 2 MP, it’s square root of 2, due to fancy Pythagorean Theorem stuff. Sqrt ( new size)/ Sqrt (old size) is the increase in resolution, so to have a camera or screen with twice as many pixels, you’d need one that was two times bigger in length and width). I wonder what medium they’ll use to hold an hour’s worth of footage. Raw, that’d be about 648 GB of data per hour, and compressed…. maybe 100 to 200 GB an hour? That’s a pure guess on my part though.  

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