Aurigid Meteor shower

First picture of the Aurigid meteor shower, a whole day early! Chumack1_lab.jpg 800×600 pixels I’m heading out to the desert early this upcoming morning, and will be back in town around 7 am I think. Early to bed, early to rise…..  [update 8:10pm]Saw many good meteors, but I didn’t get a single picture. The meteors were not coming out of a single location like I hoped, and some in fact were going east to west, and others were west to east! Most were pretty fast, at 1 to 3 seconds in length, but there were a few with 4 or 5 second long tails, and one big explosion. I didn’t see the meteor that exploded, nor the explosion, as it was blocked by my truck, but I did see the sky around it glow for a second.

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