I need somthing new to read

Well, I finished of reading Annals of the Former World last night. Not something I had tried before, it is a narrative about the geology of the United States, primarily around Interstate 80, from California to New York. Five separate books published from the 1980s through the 90s, bound into one volume. I purchased it while on the way back from Mammoth a few weeks ago, at the Lone Pine Visitor’s Center.

Anyway, I went over to both Barnes and Noble in Long Beach, and the Borders Books in Downey. I couldn’t find a single thing that looked appealing to me. I eventually settled for “The History of the Ancient World” by Susan Wise Bauer. So far, I’m up the story of Gilgamesh. It’s better than I had hoped for, after finding everything else to be non exciting.

It’s not that I’m wasting away indoors all the time. My weekend has been pretty productive so far. I got the electric brake controller installed in my truck, washed the truck, did about 5 miles of bike riding yesterday and today ( my first rides in a few months). It’s great weather for biking, cool and cloudy. Just not my preferred weather though.

So, does anyone have any suggestions on what to read next? I’m not looking for any specific genre or style, fiction or nonfiction. Just something to occupy the time when there is nothing good on TV, which is more and more frequent this spring.

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  1. Adan says:

    Well I saw “Soldiers and Ghosts: A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity” in the Copenhagen museum I was visiting ISBN: 0300106637 I would have bought the book, but i was out of room in my carry on luggage (ryanair is very strict about weight limits). The back cover made it seem like a very interesting/good read.

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