no news is good news?

Oh my. Twelve days since my last post. I must be getting lazy.

But not too much has been going on in my end. Work and scouts and that’s about it. I got to buy 330 pounds of frozen squid on Thursday for the boat to use as bait. Kicker was, the bait company closes at 2:30, and the boat wasn’t due in till 6pm. So I had 15 cases of squid, covered by 240 pounds of ice for 4 hours. Every where I parked, or everywhere I had to stop, people would point out my truck and let me know I was leaking something.

The fishing has been real good lately. The warm water is brining fish that usually stay in Mexico up to the LA area. With 29 people yesterday, the Liberty caught 53 Yellowtail and 42 Dorado. The rumor is that Yellowfin Tuna will be in reach of LA boats by next weekend, if the water stays warm. Small ones, but still, in some years only long range boats out of San Diego get to catch those.

Ed was out at Catalina last weekend, and he said you could go in the water with no wetsuit, and be happy. 74 degree water this summer. It’s a bath tub out there. I haven’t been out to Catalina at all this summer. Maybe next weekend, anyone interested?

Other news: My parents got new windows in their house. A nice style, that where the screen rolls up into the window when the window is closed. You open the window, and it pulls the screen up with it to cover the opening.

Naeem and I are going to the Dodger game tomorrow afternoon against the Giants. Greg Maddux is making his second start at Dodger Stadium in Dodger Blue, and who knows how much longer his career will go. The Dodgers have had a crazy month…. they lost 13 out of 14, then came back to win 14 out of 15. All in all, not that great a month, but here they are, sitting atop first place in the National League West. Of course, the last place Giants are only 5 games back, and could really make up that ground today and tomorrow.

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