Wacky weather fun

As many of you know, it’s been hot lately. So what better idea, than taking a speed boat out on the water for a few hours? We put 60 gallons of gas in the boat, put in at Long Beach, then set out for Palos Verde. We continue on, a total of 35 miles to Marina Del Rey. We cruise around the bay a little (my first time there), then we head back…. right into a small squall. Lightening off to the east, over Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. We had some good rain, which hitting you in the face at 30mph isn’t too much fun. Good thing I had my sun glasses of course. Closest the lightening came was about 5 or 7 seconds of delay for the thunder, but it was a good size boom just the same.

The heat, I really don’t mind. But the humidity…. ugh.

There was also a flashflood alert issued for parts of the San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Mountains, and Lancaster.

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  1. Dane Gardner says:

    Shameless plug… We had a squal run through, last night, here in Huntington Beach… I’ve got some photos here: http://www.danegardner.net/blog/?p=144

    I’ve never been in that harbor either… was wondering how you liked Marina Del Ray?

  2. Bill says:

    If a shameless plug means a comment, I’ll take it! My blog is too lonely at times, with out replies.

    Marina Del Rey (not Ray) was nice. Crowded from the water. We just did a quick loop into the harbor, then back out again. The Coast Guard Auxiliary was out in force, however, I didn’t have my camera out to snap a photo.

    The breakwater is different than what I am used to at Newport or LA, with a breakwater running parallel to the beach, entirely in the water, and two separate jetties jutting out from the beach to meet it.

    Also, the channel was marked for power boats along the edge, and boats under sail in the center. I assume that pedestrian vehicles (kayaks, rowboats) should be in the center also, however, they would skirt the boundary of the sail/power area.

    Another item of note, while in the channel between the jetties, the speed limit is 8 knots, but as you get near boat moorings, the speed limit drops to a traditional 5 knots.

    Btw, I really like your Shaky Handheld shots. A little less shutter time and it would of been a stunning image.

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