24 or House?

Which show is more suspenseful right now? 24 or House?

I’m going to go with House’s two parter, tonight and tomorrow. A cop is infected, a doctor is infected. And they have no idea.

Fox is doing the right thing in showing part two tomorrow night. If we had to wait a whole week to see the conclusion…. People would go crazy.

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3 Responses to 24 or House?

  1. Ben says:

    Since the night work schedule started, my TV watching has taken a nosedive. I’m waaay behind on 24 and The Amazing Race.

    As for House, I file it away as a show I would love if I ot into i, but for time reasons I choose not to. I figure I can get all caught up with the DVDs over a weekend someday.

    Bottom line: That TiVO looks increasingly like a good investment.

  2. Naeem Chaudhry says:

    Write in vote for Veronica Mars. Amazing season finale.

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