Commericals gone wrong

I just saw a new gatorade commercial. It shows many soccer players and fans, in various scenes.

In the background, “take me out to the ballgame” is playing, and the commercial ends with “it’s a whole new ballgame”.

It just looks wrong to me….

Speaking of commercials that need more, the Spring commercial where the customer is looking for an adjective. They spin the wheel of adjectives, and a descriptive word comes up for the customer to say. What that commercial needs is more Animaniacs, with mallets to punish Sprint for plagiarizing the Wheel of Morality.

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5 Responses to Commericals gone wrong

  1. Bob says:

    I hadn’t thought about the Wheel of Morality for a very long time

  2. caltechgirl says:

    Wheel of Morality turn turn tuen, teach us the lesson that we should learn….

  3. AKABetina says:

    Dear Hubby says “Damned Straight!” Mallots and falling anvils for such weak wit.

  4. Commercial gone bad? Well probably yes, considering they’re ruining a perfectly great soccer montage with that icky baseball song. Silly Gatorade for attempting to raise soccer enthusiasm in a World Cup year…an event they sponsor.

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