damn kids

stupid kids, walking out of school

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ABC 7Right in front of our place on Otis St. And the I didn’t have my camera. Idiot kids, chanting “Mexico”, and asking if we had any Mexicans inside the property, to come out and march. We closed the doors pretty quick, mostly to keep kids from running inside our property and hurting themselves on equipment. All they did was throw trash inside, without trespassing.

My guess: most of the kids just want to ditch school, and don’t care about the specifics.

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2 Responses to damn kids

  1. Dane Gardner says:

    If you remember… they had this crap going on when we were in HS. Nobody knew or cared about the ’cause,’ because it WAS all about ditching school and thinking that they would get away with it. Too bad that was in Downey, and the VPs and security guards were out there taking names. I doubt the school system over there is as intent on keeping the kids in school as they were 10 years ago at Warren.

    Goes to show you what harm some organization among our teenagers could do though. 🙂

  2. Bill says:

    Oh, I remember, sitting on the 2nd story of Building A laughing at the scene. This was quite a bit more organized, coming down from Huntington Park High School. The level of organization was quite a bit more than during the Prop 187 walkout way back when.

    I give props to them for being very non violent, and while not cheerful in my opinion, they were certainly non threatening once it occurred. But a huge group of kids marching down the street, chanting and carrying flags is problematic.

    Further news I’ve found out: It started at 9am at Huntington Park HS, got to us around 10:30 or 10:45, and at noon was back up to Florence and State St, moving towards Long Beach Blvd. I’m impressed by the level of coherency in this group

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