V for Vendetta

For the record, while V for Vendetta wasn’t quite as much fun as I had hoped for, it was a pretty good movie.

All in all, it’s a bit surprising it got made in this day and age, which actually is all the more reason that it is good it was made.

No mention of Alan Moore of course, as the original writer.

Here’s hoping that Watchmen is at least as good as V was.

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3 Responses to V for Vendetta

  1. Betina says:

    Hmm, Greg wants to see V. I’m afraid I won’t like it. My sort of movie?

  2. Bill says:

    Depends which era of your life you’re in. Some years in the past, yes. Some years more recently, no.

    My guess, you’ll get a hoot out of it, then be slightly disturbed that you did get a hoot out of it.

  3. Andy says:

    Agreed. I thought the changes from the story made were probably for the best (and thank goodness the ending was basically intact), though it’s fairly clear what the current writers think about the US…

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