Databasing again

I’ve been working on the boat database again this evening. I have had to rejigger a few things, mostly to accomidate the different percentages the landing gets if it’s an Open Party, a Landing Charter, or a Boat Charter, and the possibly bait charges or extra speakers for certain trips. Things left to do: add in the fuel and bunk surcharges. These are not considered in the percentages the landing takes, so it’s important.

That all being said, I’m relatively proud of it… it seems to be working so far. May not be that much to look at…. but it comes down to me building my own SAP or JDE system from scratch, with trip costing simulations built int.. Here’s the database relationships I’ve been working on:

Database Relationships

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2 Responses to Databasing again

  1. Bob says:

    Is this stuff I might have learned had I stayed with Computer Information Systems?

    if so, so happy I didn’t stay. nonetheless, impressive work, as far as I can tell. cheerio.

  2. Bill says:

    I don’t know, I never took any of those classes.

    Online help is my friend, but only so far. Trial and error accounts for much too.

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