database bragging

Ok. It’s late. it’s 1am. That’s very late for me, even on a Friday night/Saturday morning.

But finally, since I started working on it at 10pm, I figured out how to have working effectivity dates in Filemaker.

not a big deal?

It’s a huge deal.

Now I can track my changing costs (such as fuel) by date, and each record that has already occurred will remain the same. Before, they were acting as if all previous records also occurred at the new price. you can see how this would be nasty. If I buy 100 gallons at 2 bucks each on Feb 1, then on March 1 I buy 100 gallons at 4 bucks each, my pricing has to change as well. But!! I want to be able to perform an analysis on past events, and to do so I need good information.

Fine, scoff at me for this late night event. But this has been bugging me for about 3 months now, how to actually pull it off.

Oh, Mark W? If you think this sort of trick might be helpful in your costing spreadsheets, let me know…. I think I can pull it off in Excel now too.

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