time delays

oh my. 9 days since my last post. Very inconsiderate of me. I admit, the blogging seems less important or at least, less of a priority to me lately. In part, I don’t like talking about work items here now, since they now fall under more personal activities. In some very important ways, life is much easier to keep personal, work and social lives very separate.

updates: I was worn out after skiing at Mammoth two weekends ago. Lots of snow shoveling, and powder moving over the skis that I slept very well.

I was up at Cal Poly last Saturday working on the Engineering Open House again. Ran the materials processing lab, since they still haven’t hired a professor to replace Zook after he died. It was a very weak turn out for the IME department, and all of the prospective IME students I had were out numbered by the single Engineering Technology group I had come through.

Yesterday, I did a short bike ride up the San Gabrial River to see various flood control/water replenishment areas. After that, a bit of yard clipping.

Today lots of rain, a few leaks…

This afternoon, some unfortunate personal things going on, a bit of a scare, but all in all, nothing as bad as initially feared. I’ll write more about it tomorrow, after I hear more about certain tests in the morning.

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