ok, up early of course. Except, it was at 3:30 cause I woke up. A little bit of sleep later, I’m up again at 5:40

I started training my replacement. We’ll see how he does.

Went home, had a nice chat with my mom about the future, work, boats, girls. She finally pulled the “if you want me to try to set you up with anyone at work” line, though it was more subtle than that. Right now, I can handle my own troubles well enough I think. Maybe in a few years I’ll ask for more help. Cynthia had sent a thank you note to my mom, after my mom sent her a note for her birthday. A very nice note from her, and about the past year. A few good pictures, some of which I had seen, and some I hadn’t. I’ll see about scanning them in this weekend.

Then the Scout meeting…. I’m more annoyed at many parents for not having their kids there before the start time of 7pm. it’s not a suggested time, it’s the start time! But it’s not the kids fault, it’s the parents for not realizing the importance.

The campout is canceled, but in it’s place is a day activity, up to Crystal Lake, pick the mistletoe and come back. I’m ok with it, but we don’t have a lot of participation. 25 Scouts at a meeting, and I can only get 4 to go on a day activity. It’s disheartening, but…. if it doesn’t interest the Scouts, we need to put on a better program.

Fred and I had dinner at Baker’s Square after the meeting. They stopped serving breakfast for dinner now, I’m disappointed. We discussed many things, only some of which were Scouting related. it’s good to vent every so often.

So now, a glass of milk, then sleep. Tomorrow, I’m off from work a little early, clean myself up, dinner at the Pacific Dining Car, then a musical at the Ahmanson Theatre. It’ll be a long day tomorrow, I probably won’t be in till midnight or so. Hopefully there’s more to it than that, but hey, why jinx it so early.

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