Names that crop up over and over again

You ever get the feeling like certain names, no matter who they are attached to, only bring trouble? Certain names in particular crop up in my life over and over again, belonging to a wide variety of people. Usually an interesting thing. If I did an analysis on it, there’d be 6 A’s, 1 B, 1 H, 3 J’s, 1 M, 1 N 1 R, 1 S names; however of the same name cropping up over and over, the same 3 M’s, 5 S’s (6 if you count the new born daughter of a coworker, hi Mark and Laura!). Those numbers are pretty broad in meaning though, and I think for sanity’s sake, it’s best to chalk that up to coincidence. For now……

Not that I don’t mind helping, but I do get a bit of an anticlimactic feeling from it. I get a phone call asking for help. Someone in the area I haven’t seen since…. July. In the neighborhood. I had been told about that way back when, and not really tracked on it, since it didn’t seem I was going to be involved at all. I wouldn’t of minded, but it would of implied things that weren’t true, even if I would of wanted to work in that direction.

Anyway, so I do my best to provide remote help, pulling songs off an iPod to a computer. Not my best success, doing things over the phone, on a system I’ve never seen. I fail. No problem, it’s only needed in 12 hours. I can deal. I offer to come up, and do it in the morning. A little hesitation in the no answer. Not a real no, but that was the meaning behind it. They’re going to look at it a bit more, and hang up. I look for more solutions. I find them, and email them off, as there is nothing I can do from here, and all of them require a net connection, and so email suffices. Call comes back an hour or so later, saying “we’ll just play it off the iPod”, which works.

Oh well, it would of been nice to meet up, but time is short, and it’s not the point of the visit. Still, sometimes it’d be nice to be called up not just when help is needed. But it’s a the price of being known as a miracle worker, when problems crop up, you get called. Always good to have people like that in your back pocket.

You can guess the problem with being in the back pocket, no matter how nice a behind it belongs to…

Still, I’ve had worse phone calls. Being woken up at 2 in the morning by my cousin and her drunken friends (call came from one of the S’s above….) just cause they were going through my cousin’s phone book, and were bored. That was pretty weird….

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy helping. What the problem really is, is that I have an unrealistic expectation of reality, and what it can provide. I would rather have the phone call asking for help than not, no matter the crazy internal stuff it does to me.

I’m just going to try working on the: “if you stop actively seeking what you are after, the universe will drop it in your lap” philosophy. I’m not good at that, I’m too much of a “work hard at building and setting up the situation to fall into place”. Of course, that doesn’t work in the long run (short run, it can) with females…..

[edit] enough rambling for one night!

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9 Responses to Names that crop up over and over again

  1. Helen says:

    Only one “H”? Damn straight!

  2. Bill says:

    Not only one H name, but only one H period.

    Thinking about it though, off the top of my head I can’t think of very many female H names anyway.

  3. Naeem Chaudhry says:

    Helen(a), Hanna(h), Harriet, Hope, Hillary is all I can come up with.

  4. Helen says:

    Heather and Holly are the two I always see on those personalized items in souvenir shops…Helen is much less frequent. Although, I was the #1 most popular girls name sometime in the early 20th century. Go me!

  5. Bob says:

    c’mon, can’t forget Helga.

    ah, good old Helga.

    What about Halle? As in that woman that is always crashing into things and fleeing the scene.

    Harry Potter fans would bristle at the non-mention of Hermione.

    And what of Hester, letter wearing harlot.

    ok that’s all I’ve got

  6. Bill says:

    And have you met any of those names in person, or even 2nd hand?

    Sure they exist. But not in my experience!

  7. Bob says:

    Psh, you kiddin’ me?

    who do you think it was got her that big red A put on her?

  8. Bill says:

    You know, I should really get around to reading that book….

  9. Naeem Chaudhry says:

    Trust me. You shouldn’t get around to it. One of the most boring things I’ve ever read.

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