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Ok, quick run down in the Life of Bill.

Friday I dropped off the Scouts up at the Firestone Scout reservation in City of Industry. I picked them up on Sunday. They won first place in gateway, and second in overall campsite. Not a lot of competition this year, but they still did good.

Friday night, met up with Sheila and her friends for her going away party before she moves to Holland. Funny thing. Some of her friends I had never met before, actually worked at the Carl’s Junior at Cal Poly, and recognized me from there. Took me a few minutes to catch on to that though.

Went into work for a few hours on Saturday, then got a hair cut. The first one in a long time I’m really happy with. Usually, they are just a touch longer than I really like to have coming out of a barber shop. I then had lunch at home, and watched the SC football game with Ed. Crazyiness of course.

Sunday had dinner at home, and began working on the new photo gallery software for my site.

Tomorrow, I have Andy and Stella showing up at the scout meeting to talk about what they do. Victor Okhusyen was going to show, but he had to cancel at the last minute. A personal event, somewhat more important. it’s disappointing, but priorities are important.

Wednesday…. an event I’m looking forward to. I’m not going to go into more than that yet.

Work wise…. I’m working on revising a spoilboard set up on one of the routers. If I pull this off right, we’re going to have a much improved vacuum hold down system, and a much easier to replace system. I’m quite happy with it, but I’ll be happier if I had finished it today. I hopefully will have my review this week, before my VP goes to China for 3 weeks. Either way though, the results will be the same.

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