Dodger Game Today

I’m off to the ballpark! Naeem, Balo, Javier and Dan will be meeting me there. As will Sandro

I’m going to stop by Pasadena first and carpool with Ben, Cal Tech Girl and her darling husband, Grand Moff Trojan

I have a few extra tickets right now (people who backed out on me), so if you want in, give me a call now!

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2 Responses to Dodger Game Today

  1. GMT says:

    What about those pictures, I was wondering if I could get them… I want to show the little kiddies the paper floating in the air…

  2. Bill says:

    I started working on them yesterday, but I didn’t get far. I should have some of the paper floating in air up tonight for you. Curses to me for actually having things to do on a weekend! I haven’t even posted about most of it yet.

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