What I think about you

Cause I’m a sucker, and replied to < ahref="http://www.livejournal.com/users/glitteratti_1/66968.html">someone else’s edition of this, I am posting this now. If you don’t like this style of chains, don’t respond…..

1. Reply with your name and I will write something random about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I’ll then ask you something that I’ve always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your site.

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  1. Helen says:

    This is oh-so-trendy…too typical for you. But, I’ll bite. Go for it.

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