Fudge for breakfast?

Instead of eating something this morning, I decided I would try out my grandmother’s recipe for fudge. Only I discover, it’s not her’s. It’s the same recipe on the back of the marshmallow creme jar.

I still made it anyway. It’s cooling right now.

Lessons learned:

1) Make sure you like all the ingredients first. I was going to pour in some walnuts I bought at the store yesterday, but I opened the package, and thought “while these might be good, it’s not the same that Gram uses, so I can’t use it”. So I’ve got just plain chocolate fudge, not chocolate walnut.

2) Be sure to have people lined up to receive fudge. If I try to eat all this myself, it will a) go stale first before I finish it all, and b) ruin my appetite for a week. So some of you out there might get a care package of fudge!

If you’d like some though, let me know. I may be willing to try this again. i want to try mixing in mint (I haven’t had a mint chocolate swirl fudge in 2 years), white chocolate and certainly walnuts or almonds.

3) Buy a candy thermometer. I borrowed Gram’s this time, but I’ll need my own. Also, a better sauce pot, not just a wide pan like I had this time.

Right now, the fudge is cooling off. We shall see how it tastes this afternoon.

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  1. Helen says:

    Fudge…excellent apartment-warming present 😉

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