Dinner, work and eating habits

Not too long a day at work today. Turns out the fire I got into yesterday only has my pot bubbling, not steaming like I thought it would be. Still not my best moments, but in this case, it’s all my fault for not doing a proper QC check in the first place.

Had dinner tonight with the grandmother and Ed. Got a whole plate of cake out of it…. that’ll last me as a meal for a few days to come!

There are times when you read a story, and become so engrossed in it, and then get so pissed off at the editorial direction they go. Damn you DC Comics for putting out compelling stories that make me care about fictional characters, and then you go and do nasty stuff to them. I know you reserve the right to tell stories with out happy endings, and I respect that, but… the preview version of “Countdown to Infinite Crisis” has got me down. Takes a character who was damn good, then worn down, gives him detail and polish he hasn’t had in years, then wipes the floor with him. Worst part was, we all knew it was coming. And we couldn’t stop it.

IF DC can pull off their big editorial stunt this year, and this vast comic tie in of cosmic proportions doesn’t’ fall on it’s face, they’ll have pulled off something remarkable. But it scares me to think of such a great set up, and all we end up with is egg on the face…..

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2 Responses to Dinner, work and eating habits

  1. Naeem Chaudhry says:

    I thought the cake as a meal idea was only done sparingly, not for several days straight. Your eating habits really are alarming sometimes.

  2. Bill says:

    Well, it’s a full plate of cake. And for me to eat it all at once, that would be disturbing. If I spread it out over several days, then it is not. A piece a day, or a piece a meal, and life is fine.

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