Past week, and this evening

I know, I’ve been quiet this week. Actually, one full week. Last Saturday, I drove out to Brea to take care of some Troop banking business. Quite unsatisfactory. Then there was the full busyness of the work week. Had Sherman, my counterpart from North Carolina out. Educational for him. Pin router issues are mostly resolved now. Or so I think. Whale watching was good last weekend, though I still need to work on the video from it.

At work, John gave me 2 Best Buy gift cards in appreciation of some training videos I had done a few months ago. I thought, ok, this is nice, 20 bucks! I take it to the store to redeem them. I buy about 50 bucks worth of items. Nope, one was for 50 and the other for 25. Made my day more than I thought it would. I really good gesture on his part. So now I’ve been watching Bullshit, Season 2. Lots of fun.

Got the scout banking problem resolved today finally. It’s taken care of, and we are mostly happy with the situation.

All the so called rain today, nobody seemed in the mood to do anything but me.

But finally Liam, Naeem and I did Fatburger, and then saw Constantine. Not the greatest comic movie ever, but the best one by DC in a very long time. I really hope there gets to be a sequel. Sure, it wasn’t a pure take off on the Vertigo comic, but it was good enough. My only real complaint: Lucifer wasn’t beautiful enough. Supposedly the most handsome of angels, and he comes off looking like a loan shark. That, and he wasn’t playing piano at the Lux….. but that’s a comic issue they can resolve later I hope.

I admit a little desperation in my emotions lately. Something about knowing not to ask questions that I know the answer too. I didn’t do that earlier in the week, and today, I did. Neither way is satisfactory. I’ll search for a better one.

Tomorrow: if the skies are clear in the early morning, then I will drive to the top of Mount Wilson. And then, either way, some late morning fun, and hopefully a continuation of questioning and then probably plumbing work in the afternoon. Got to make it a full weekend you know.

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  1. Andy says:

    Hey, just got some of my pics up from last week – under WhaleWatchingAndy on the ftp site. I’m particular to 7724 myself. Feel free to use any of them for the site, as long as it’s noted I took ’em.

    And I kinda liked how Lucifer got played in Constantine – kind of manic. Then again, I have not read the comic, only heard about it through my comic saavy friends, though they enjoyed it (and being film students, they’re hard to please).

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