blasted cell phones

So I leave at 5pm, which isn’t bad for me lately. I get on the freeway.

Not 30 seconds latter, my work cell phone rings. Agustin has a problem with Router 3, which we had been doing maintenance on today. I’m now back, trying to track down the Biesse technician who did our work, but I don’t have his cell phone. Richard’s not picking his up, so I can’t get the number from Richard.

So now I’m stuck, until I get this sovled.

Screw it, I’m going to call Biesse’s east coast office and get them to get Jack back here.

There goes my shot at a nice night!

[update 7pm]

ok, the Biesse router is fixed. I had to readjust the Z origin for the left hand side table. I think the weight of the main spindles on it this afternoon may of settled the new MDF table we placed on the machine a week ago.

Then at 6pm, I get a call from Alberto asking me to “fix the Weeke”. There was nothing wrong with the Weeke. Turns out, they needed to run 150 parts tonight, and nobody there knew how to do a simple set up for the part! It’s not even a part I’m associated with, DW is. I told Alberto to call DW. DW calls me back, saying he already left for the night. I tell him tough, I may not be able to fix it tonight(not knowing what the issue was yet), but I’ll see what I can do. Took me all of 4 mintues to get done. blast it all. If they knew at 2pm they needed to do this, they should of asked, and we could of taken care of it in a timely manner, instead of it being a blasted emergency at 6pm!

I need a bunch of bussiness card sized hand outs that say “lack of planning on your part does not consitute an emergency on my part”

Oh yes, my mom called at 2pm, saying my dad had to cancel out on the event at the Disney Concert Hall tonight, and asking if I wanted in. That starts at 8pm, and do you think I can make it up there by then?

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