My couches finally came in today. Ed and I brought them into my apartment. The loveseat was easy enough, stand it on end, and it fit through the front door. The couch though….. I wound up knocking down the fence in front of the porch. It’s hard to visualize with out a photo, but not tonight for that. Basically, you face the apartment. Walk up steps, turn right, enter door, turn left to enter apartment. Makes getting big furniture in tricky. So the fence fell down. we placed the front of the couch in the entryway ( I know it has a real name, but my brain is too fried to look it up). Then because it’s longer than the door is tall, tilt the 1/3 of it in the apartment up to the ceiling (not breaking the light there!) and standing it on end. Then tilt it down inside the front room, and it’s a piece of cake.

Couch 1

Couch 2

Couch 4

Couch 5

Now the main problem is, the place is too small really. The loveseat blocks part of the couch. I will figure out decorating techniques later this week.

So we did that, then I went over to Ed’s place, and helped him flip over his new assembled pool table. Should be fun in his loft. Then on my way over to the Scout meeting( I was very late, I got there at 8pm) I fielded a tech support phone call about a laptop. Looks like a DIMM module is going bad, but she’s going to take it in tomorrow to see if it’s bad or just loose. Nothing I can do from 400 miles though, except calm her down and prove her data isn’t lost.

After that, over to the Warrens to see if Bob wanted to go skiing this weekend. Nope, it’s his first chance to roof in 2 weeks, so he’s going to take advantage of it. Maybe the weekend after there. It’s a shame his daughter has her GRE’s that weekend, or else she’d come up too. Well, I’ll get to mock her with pictures of great snow. What are friends for after all?

Ok off to bed, after too many late hours last night and tonight.

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3 Responses to Couches!

  1. Ben says:

    Nice couches. Leather?? I know personally that moving large furniture sucks. I live in a second story apartment, so you can imagine. I thought my place was too full at first, but the furniture grew on me. I think it will grow on you too.

  2. Bill says:

    Yep they are leather. Nice green leather, but it’s a really flat green. Second stories….. ugh. If man was meant to live above ground level in California, God wouldn’t of invented earthquakes.

    This place is small yes, but it’s giving me time to find a place to buy. Which I really need to start up on before May.

    All my furniture/appliance purchases are oriented around that right now, so I can live with cramped, and then feel spacious latter on. But nature abhors a vacuum.

  3. Helen says:

    Yep, those are some nice-looking couches.

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