Doug’s Funeral (Belinda’s Pictures)

Doug’s Funeral (Belinda’s Pictures)

My cousin Belinda sent me the pictures she took at Doug’s Funeral. Take a look for them above. The big photos aren’t up yet, I will try to take care of that tomorrow or Wednesday.

But enjoy these please.

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4 Responses to Doug’s Funeral (Belinda’s Pictures)

  1. Andy says:

    A friend and I have decided to build a compound (you heard right) along the freeway, complete with full size robotic T-rex which will chase cars like a dog along the 20 foot high electrified fence. Though personally I’d be happy with a animated Velocirator head which popped out of the coat closet…

  2. Bill says:

    Me, I’m afraid of the Robotic Soccer Team!

  3. Michelle Miskanic says:

    Thanks for posting your pics.

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