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A few small changes to my apartment. Sarah came over for a brief away trip from home during her winter break, and I showed her some of the things at GV for the first time. She had heard her dad talk about elephants and fire trucks before, but hadn’t seen them. So, I enlightened her. In the searches through a building or two, we found some small items that I had left out or not seen on my previously big tacky apartment posting. She recommended three things, I took two, and one other that I liked. This lamp she liked, along with the dolphins and sea gulls coming out of the rocks.
The light is inside the sea shell there, so it can act as a night lamp. Really quite cool, even if the cord is a bit old and should probably be replaced.

Viking Ship
I liked this Viking ship. I need to get some brass cleaner to make it really shine, but I think it will shape up well.

I also pulled a small picture out, but since I do not having it on the wall yet, I will not post a picture of it yet.

She also liked one of the wood carvings I think I missed in my previous photo soot, but I did not bring it back to my place. While inviting, and not the complete turn off the naked carvings or the head hunter is, I think I will pass at this time. Though… I still like the head hunter quite a bit.

What does all this mean? not much really. I did need some help decorating this place, and while these are not large items, it does more to change the bare white walls that I am used to. Just having white walls is ok with me, though completely foreign to most.

And lest any of you get ideas in your head, Sarah is back up to San Francisco Tuesday morning for many months. Just a friendly visit is all.

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