Afternoon travels

After spending twice as long on the freeway this morning as normal (one hour instead of 30 minutes), I was rushed and busy through lots of work. Good thing I left 30 minutes early to get a head start on things.

I left late, after everyone else did. Got most of everything done.

As I’m leaving the former housemate Ed calls me up, telling me he’s going down to the Apple store in newport to buy an iBook. I go down to meet him, on the way I call up Michelle and she meets us there. Had dinner at Red Robin. Got to see how two people who had never met before reacted. Surprisingly well, not a single fist fight or insult thrown at each other. Though napkins were being propelled by air currents from the menus.

Then I bought a new softcover copy of Cryptonmicon and Quicksilver by Stephenson. Don’t want my hardcovers being destroyed.

And here I am, and it’s late, so I shall go off to bed.

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3 Responses to Afternoon travels

  1. Mr Eddie says:

    Hey, I was there, and I don’t recall things going that well at all!!! In fact, I was looking forward to an evening alone with Bill, talking about manly things like hard drives and going “Office Space” on my old bastard windows machine. (not too much manlier than taking a bat to a laptop…)

    But what do I get instead? Bill AND Michelle. No manly talk, scratching, burping (OK, there was a little of that…) etc, instead I have to be charming, funny and nice. At least a little, since I don’t want to scare off anyone, much less someone who seemed as nice as Michelle.

    SO, I sucked up my disappointment and had a great time. Thanks for inviting her Bill and with any luck lighting the fire @ Bolsa Chica will prove much more manly than hanging out with me. I’ll be on my way back from Iraq, yet again, instead of enjoying the festivities.

    So far the Apple is working out, at least it gets along very well with the iPod. Too bad now I get to spend all my free time loading CDs into it….

  2. Michelle Miskanic says:

    I do recall a bit of the manliness coming out… I definitely would not have minded to have seen more of it, however the burping is just gonna have to stop man… No More Salmon Bites for you!! (Just kidding) However, I have to say that I had a great time and I can’t wait until the Bonfire, where there will be pictures taken of the massive fire we’re going to create. I also can not wait to go out with the two of you men, and see some of this going “Office Space” on your computer, which I feel like doing today to mine…. Anyhow, it was so much fun hanging out, we’ll do it again soon.

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