late rambelings

Last night I went down to Newport, saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for free. Fun movie. A few small plot holes, but still fun. Just nice popcorn eating waste of time. But I didn’t have popcorn as I was full.

Got back in, and read through another 50 pages of Turtledove’s latest alternative history book. Now that’s just a trashy fun read. Well written, but it’s not an indepth book. Right now, the South has just invaded the USA to start the second world war in June 1941. The Confederates have cut Ohio in half, reaching Lake Erie. The United States launched an invasion towards Richmond, but has stalled out north of some river that starts with an R.

Tonight, I pick up a chair of Doug’s from Ed’s garage, and then off to the scout meeting. I won’t keep the chair for long, but for a few months it will do a job for me until a couch arrives.

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