Well, since I haven’t had time to go to the couch factory, I’m going to have my brother Ed buy me two identical to his. He has a black leather couch and love seat.

So at this point, the only question is the color. They do several types of leathers. I like both black and green leather, but am looking for suggestions.

I’ve been looking for pictures online of Robert Michael’s furniture selection, and the best I can find is here. Ed has the Reno Model, and that’s what I’m considering… though I am open to other thoughts and ideas.

So, what are your thoughts and comments?

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3 Responses to Couches

  1. Michelle Miskanic says:

    Reno looks nice. Black is a good color for a couch.

  2. Helen says:

    Even though black is rather typical, it is a good color, and a manly one at that.

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