System of the World

I’m almost done with Stephenson’s third book in the Baroque Cycle, System of the World. Only another hundred or so pages to go, then the nearly 2000 page story is complete.

There almost feels like an ending coming on. Not Stephenson’s usual style. His books conclude, but have no real end. It’s usually as sudden as running into a brick wall at 100 mph. I suspect something else going on in the background, I can see more set up being done, that only looks like a closing act. He will leave us hanging at the end I’m sure.

When I finish this, I need to finish the book on the House of Morgan, and then read Turtledove’s latest in his series about if the SOuth won the Civil War. He just started World War II, with a fascist Confederate States of America invading Ohio. it’s a cheap, quick read, but fun. Sorta like a dimestore novel or something. Nothing too deep, but fun to go on a ride with.

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