Yesterday, I went into work for a few hours. Got a few things accomplished. Mostly just to keep me distracted. It worked for a while.

Then we went up to do our private viewing. It was the last time the 5 of us will be alone. It was the first time it actually hit me, and hard. Up until then, it could of been some cruel tragic practical joke. But he was there…. and that was that. I said a few words to my brother last, after everyone was out of the room. And I walked out, and closed the door.

Later, we drove down to SDSU for the campus’s services. A nice small candle light vigil, held on the free speech steps. The fraternity did a mourning ceremony, and my father spoke, then myself. And finally a few other people who knew Doug spoke, and the alumni coordinator, Jim Boggus, closed it out.

I tried to focus on the good things there, the funny stories, and inject some humor into it. Every student there was just too quiet, too closed. It was bordering on dreadful for awhile. Afterwards, several of them came up to me and said how much I sounded and looked like Doug. If I made them feel better, then I did my job there.

There were a few news crews there, but I don’t know if anything was aired. The article I listed below has some basic info from that night, along on general activities.

Today, we go to the services at 3pm, and back to our house for the reception.

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