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As some of you know, and the rest of you will learn here: My brother Doug passed away sometime between Friday morning and Saturday morning. . If there are any complications, or contributing events to this are unknown now. He was a big fellow. While we all thought he was just heavy, but essentially healthy, perhaps we were mistaken.

I know there are some things going around, that as far as I know are factually untrue. I do not know who started them or how, just that I want them to end, and be corrected. Those who have helped me in this, thank you. The specifically gruesome one sent out via email from certain students at SDSU bothers me, and even more so because they may of been there on the scene at the time. But from what I know and have heard from the Medical Examiner’s office, it’s completely uncorroborated. And therefore all the more painful and harder to correct.

My one real request is, do not send flowers or anything to the house. Perhaps at the time of the services, to the services. But not to the house at this time. We will be setting up something if you’d like to participate instead of sending flowers, but I do not have those details at this time.

As for the time and place of services, and in what form, that will be determined tomorrow. I’ll ask, if you feel the need to show up, show for Doug and the rest of the family, and not just to comfort me. While I’m not trying to brush anyone off and away, I’d rather deal with condolences and well wishes in another setting. I’ve heard many the past few days, and would rather concentrate on other items.

I know you can google for information, but from what I’ve seen it’s nice quiet, nondescript blurbs. I leave that up to you.

Thank you for your support, and your well wishes. just give me some time before we get in touch.

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