Santa Ana’s

I’ve been meaning to post this the past few days.

I really enjoy the Santa Ana Winds. I know they help spread fires, and burn people out of house and home. I know.

But…. The warm dry air, blowing briskly around us down at the coast is a great change from the stagnate slow sea breeze of the previous months. Blowing all the smog out to sea, we can see the inland for a few rare clear times.

Oh yes, it completely cleans out my sinuses too. Unlike most people, who just get it even worse.

And then…. if they are still blowing on Saturday, we shall have an excellent time sailing. High speeds, danger and excitement.

Only odd thing about the winds this year is that each time I see a flag, it doesn’t seem to be coming from the proper direction. Yesterday, I noticed them coming out of the west. Maybe it was just a local condition that changes.

Tonight down to Newport to make sure everything is ready for Saturday.

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2 Responses to Santa Ana’s

  1. Helen says:

    It figures that what causes major allergy problems for most people, actually helps you. Evil.

  2. Bill says:

    Yes. yes I am evil. One of the perks….

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