Labor Day weekend and other planning

My cousin Kathryn is going to be in the bay area over Labor Day, and I said I would drive up to say hello. My general plan right now, is to drive up on Friday, see my aunt in Palo Alto, try to see a ball game at Pac Bell/SBC Park, see my cousin for a day or so, see a friend or two in the area, and then drive back Monday morning via PCH. That last part should take about 12 hours or so I figure.

Anybody from the LA area interested in going along, either for the drive or for anything else?

Also, for the boat trip this weekend to Catalina or Santa Barbara islands, Mark and Laura might be in if it’s on Sunday. Maybe. Anybody else want to venture a try? Come on, it won’t bite! Maybe soak you, but no bite.

I am refusing to comment on the Dodger loss tonight, aside from the fact it was not right to see Gagne vs Mota and Lo Duca. Just not right at all.

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