No! Crash boom bah!

So I was replacing Ed’s stereo system with mine, getting rid of separate tuner, cd, and dvd units with a single unit. I got that in, and then was wiring in my speakers in addition to his, when my elbow hit the porcelain As statue, and broke his hand off. Fortunately, it was his chain saw hand, and I should be able to superglue it back on. But I knew better. Always remove any and everything before I work on it. Always!

In good news though, it all works so far.

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1 Response to No! Crash boom bah!

  1. David R says:

    You broke the chainsaw off?!?!?!
    Could you at least make it more spectacular.. like you were lifting weights(300lbs doing your bench reps) and the phone rang so you held the bar up with one hand and while reaching for the phone there was a 7.6 earthquake which knocked the statue over while you were occupied on the phone and there was nothing you could do because you would have died trying to save the statue.

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