“Scottie doesn’t know!”

I’m avoiding the Dodger game tonight, so as not to jinx anything.

Reread several issues of “Invincible”, “Starman”, and the one shot “Hitman vs Lobo: That Stupid Bastisch”. Finished those off, it’s been awhile since I read any of James Robinson’s “Starman”. I miss that series. I’m satisfied at the fact it ended, and how, but I miss the stories and the thought. Newer comics have a similar appeal, but, damn. Heh.

So I’m sitting here watching “Eurotrip”. Nice fun, cheap movie. It’s better than it would seem from the commercials or the posters. Makes me laugh in almost every scene. Any movie that beats up a French robot actor, or has teenagers drinking Absinth for the little green fairy all in the pursuit of love is good. And this movie does it all well. It’s essentially a series of scene changes with a bit of comedy in each scene, but usually played very well.

And to give it props from the get go, it performs some of the worst trash on it’s main character in the first 10 minutes, all in the name of moving the story along. And it works greatly. “Scottie doesn’t know”

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