Readings and Phone Calls and Lines

Finished Farther than any Man. Much fun. Quite enjoyable, if not neccessarily in depth. I found out today that Stephenson’s second book in the Baroque Cycle is out, Confusion. Went to Sam’s Club and Target looking for it, no luck. Tomorrow, I’ll go to Barnes and Noble. I could wait for my birthday, and hope I get it, however, I usually don’t have faith in getting things in that way. Never usually works out well. Better to get random things, that people think I will like. Allows me to be introduced to new and strange things, and sometimes, things I have already seen.

While at Target though, I saw a biography on Alexander Hamilton. Picked that up. Will start it in a few minutes.

My housemate Ed called me at 11pm last night. He was supposed to be back in last night, but got sent out on an emergency job, and is now expecting to be back in around next Saturday. So another week of peace and quiet. About now, it is annoyingly so. I get up and go to bed too early even talk to some people I know. That is what the weekend is for. No plans yet, but I will figure something out.

Verizon came by yesterday to look at my DSL. Again, the appointment was for 4:30pm. They showed up at 2:30, left a note saying it’s not on their side of the Demarcation Point, so they’d charge 80 bucks to fix that. Forget that, I’ll see what I can do to rewire things myself.

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