Old friends

I’ve spent too much time recently thinking about friends I no longer communicate to. Those who no longer reply to me. Ugh. Leads to bad thoughts, and sadness. I think I will stay away from that if I can. The only good news out of it is, I only know of one who has blocked me, for from his reasons, understandable, but factually incorrect reasons. Course, some of the others may have me blocked as well, and I don’t know it. Or they could just be ignoring me in email. Such is the way of things right now.

But if any of you are reading this, please feel free to get in touch. Maybe I lost your email address, maybe it got blocked for some reason. I always like to hear from people.

The good news is, I do have contact now with more people than not. This beach bbq is getting people responsive and involved, if only so they can come have free food. Nothing wrong with that at all!

I’ve started mirroring things at http://www.ke6lbm.com/blogger/blogger.html. Why? Cause I felt like it.

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  1. texas holdem says:

    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

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